Players are the most important part of soccer and we need coaches who will help each player to reach their full potential. We want to provide you with all the support and tools you need to be the best coach you can be. Explore the sections for tools and resources to help.


In order to provide a high-quality program to every player in the Eastern Pike Youth Soccer Club’s Travel Program, all Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Team Managers must meet certain qualifications.

Those qualifications are as follows:

  • One (1) year of experience as an Assistant Coach
  • USSF’s Introduction to Grassroots Coaching (online)
  • USSF’s Grassroots Pathways age appropriate course (online) (4v4, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11) for the age group the Coach is currently coaching or will be coaching within one (1) year or less
  • Successful completion of at least one (1) in-person Grassroots Pathways course.


The kids you coach will go on to be coaches, parents, spouses, employees, and leaders. Your time spent with them is about preparing them for when the game ends.

We are a volunteer-based organization and could not do it without you! “Thank you” isn’t enough for the time you are donating to help make a difference in the lives of your players!

All players must receive equal playing time. If there is a problem with a particular player, please see Coach James (a player who does not want to play, etc.)

Treat all players equally. Try to treat your own child equally; avoid favoring them, and don’t punish them by being harder on them than any other player.

Whistles should only be used during games to stop play, not during training sessions.

All players should have a ball at their feet as much as possible during training sessions. Avoid lines so your players are always moving and getting touches on the ball.

Remember, this is DEVELOPMENTAL! If your team is dominating, take measures to reduce goal scoring (have certain players play goalie or defense; require a certain number of passes before taking a shot; restrict certain players from scoring, etc.). Score differentials should never be more than four goals.

Regular communication with players, parents will take you a long way. E-mail the practice and game schedule on a weekly basis. Speak with parents as often as is reasonably possible.

Have fun! If your players see you enjoy the game, they will enjoy it as well.

All training sessions should involve developmentally appropriate games.

Look like a coach - Dress the part and you immediately instill confidence in your players and parents.

This is a competitive sport but winning should not override player development. Let the players experience different positions on the field.

Be positive - Set the tone. Always be positive. Don’t criticize players. Compliment them on what they did well, and demonstrate how they can work to improve their game. Be a role model by working cooperatively with referees, administrators, other coaches and spectators.




Christian Henry

Christian Henry

Director of Player Development

About Christian

Coach Christian, a DVHS graduate, played collegiate Division 1 Soccer before heading to Europe to pursue his love of the game, where he played professionally. Upon returning stateside, Christian began a career as a youth soccer coach and continues to play the Beautiful Game. Christian trains the EPYSC travel teams, oversees the development of all EPYSC players, and is also a Soccer Specialist for the DVHS Soccer Program.

James Scott

James Scott

Director of Recreation Soccer 

About James

Coach James joined Eastern Pike SC in 2019 and brought with him over a decade of experience as a professional coach and soccer program coordinator, along with coaching licenses from the English Football Association and National Soccer Coaches Association of America. Coach James oversees the Fall Recreation Program and helps with all of the Club's programs.

Mike Mead

Mike Mead

Director of Coaching Development

About Coach Mike

Coach Mike has been a coach with Eastern Pike SC for many years and has begun overseeing the development of all of the Club's coaches, travel, and recreation.