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Under 4 (U-4) & Under 6 (U-6)

Eastern Pike Soccer U-6 Division is designed to be instructional in nature. The goal of this division is to impart the basics of Soccer (passing, dribbling, shooting, etc.). As a league, Eastern Pike Soccer has two locations for U-4 and U-6. Each U-4 and U-6 team has a Head Coach that works with the Assistant Coaches. We divide the kids into small groups and assign them a coach, that works with them on a weekly basis.

Each week runs about 90 minutes. Each session begins with instruction on the basics as mentioned above. The second half of each session involves game drills, where the kids, with the coach's help, learn about playing the game. This portion generally ends up being a game of chase the ball, which is a lot of fun for everyone there.

Under-8 (U-8)

Eastern Pike Soccer U-8 is designed to be instructional in nature. The goal at the U-8 level, is to impart, not only the basics of Soccer, but to expand the child's knowledge of the game as a whole, start to teach field positions, group or team play, passing, dribbling, shooting, throw-ins, corner kicks, goal kicks. At this division, we are not concerned with the score of each game. We are focused on developing skills and having fun.


Each sunday consists of one hour for practice and one hour for game time. Each game will have four 10-12 minute quarters. Coach's will act as referees and remain on the field during the game. This allows them to explain positioning, if a foul occurs, explain why, and what happens. It is a very interactive game. Most importantly, the kids should have a great time.

Under-11 (U-11)

Eastern Pike Soccer U-10 and U-11 programs are designed to be instructional in nature. There is more competitive nature to kids at this age, and that does transfer onto the field of play. As such, one of our goals at this level, is to teach kids how to win or lose graciously. We look to educate kids on the sport of Soccer, including the basics learned in U-6 and U-8. We are preparing these kids to play at the next level, U-14, so they need to know the rules of the game, such as off sides, what infractions cause a direct kick or indirect free kick. Kids will learn positional play, conditioning and Soccer is a team sport.


Each Sunday works much the same way as U-8, with the first hour being practice time. The second hour is game time with four 12-15 minute quarters. Starting in Fall 2010, we will have referees to officiate the games. This allows the Coach to do just that, Coach. At the end of each game, kids will shake hands and congratulate the other team regardless of the outcome.

Under-14 (U-14)

Our U-14 program is designed to be instructional in nature. Having said that, there is competition in this age group. We do keep score and track records. There are playoffs at this level. As such, it is imperative that these kids understand how to win or lose graciously, congratulate the opposing team, and be thankful they were able to take the field and play the great sport of Soccer. Coaches will focus not just on dribbling, passing and shooting, but on team play, transitional play, team strategy, set plays of corner kicks, throw ins, free kicks, etc...


Players need to know the rules of the game, as referees do call everything at this level. Sunday's include practice time, followed by game time. U-14 plays its games on a rotational basis, between the two campuses. This is because we have one field at each location, suitable for 11 versus 11 games, and six teams. We have a two hour window at Dingman-Delaware for U-14 games and a four hour window at Delaware Valley High School (DVHS) for U-14 games. So, four teams play at DVHS each Sunday and two at Dingman-Dwlaware. This setup is subject to change based on the number of registrants and field availability.


At all levels, practice occurs each Sunday. While Eastern Pike Soccer does not require the U-8, U-10, U-14 to practice mid-week, it is available and encouraged.

Playoff Schedule

The playoffs will start on or around the first week of November. The playoff schedule will not be available until Eastern Pike Soccer has the scores from the October games. Playoffs are based on the overall division standings. As soon as scores are reported by the referee's, the playoff schedule will be determined. Teams will receive an e-mail and the schedule will be posted on team page. Times on Sundays will stay the same for the divisions.


The Eastern Pike Soccer coaches will select the top players throughout the league for an All-Star game on the final weekend of play within the league.  The game is traditionally played at the Delware Valley High School Campus, Warrior Stadium and coached by the two top teams coaches by their overall record and standings.